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This is a little page to better explain what furry is, the best that I can.

I have a rather intense interest in Furry, which centers around anthropomorphic animals, being cartoon animals or others that exhibit rather human qualities. Furry is a lifestyle and a spiritual thing as well. Everyone has a "totem" animal that they identify with. With me, as you can see, it is a cat. A person's totem animal usually reflects their personality and actions IRL.

There is also another form called Fursuiting. That is where you make a zoot that will make you look like your totem animal. It can either be a mascot type or you can make it so that it is a more realistic zoot. There are alot of conventions that go on throughout the year in various states that you can wear your zoot to and show yourself off. You can make it what ever you want, the sky is the limit. One of the conventions that I can think of right off the top of my head is ConFurence, which is held every year in either a different state or in the same state; which is NewYork this year. Someone that I chat with on occasion can give you some info on fursuiting. Her name is Rael and I suggest that you check out her site. (a must see) Also there is a page on here that will tell you about the furry/nonfurry events that I have been informed about. Follow the banner to the Memphit Fur Meet site. You'll like it. I plan on making a zoot and I will have pics to follow when I accomplish that one. *meow* *purr*

Another thing is called furrymuck which is a multi user virtual community that people live in their fursonas.

There is another place on the net that furries go and chat. That is called yiffnet. I recommend this place highly if you want to meet more furries and even find some that are in your area. You will need to download the self-extracting program mIRC to go there. I will give you a few of the servers that I know about. 1) port 6667 2) port 6667 3) port 6667

There is another online furry art archive other than furnation called Yiffco. It has art of anthros of virtually every species in it. The content ranges from G to XXX rated (well there is a little bit of adult content) Furnation has alot of adult content if you like furry art that has a taste of yiff in it. :)

Well I will provide more information as I compile it. Have fun and stay furry.

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